Community Partners

Here is our most recent Annual Report

We would like to thank the following Community Partners for their continuing support of our programs which benefit the citizens of the Santa Clarita Valley.

Platinum Level

C.A.M. Johnson Family Foundation
Jim Keltner
Kevin Haub & Associate

Gold Level

John and Jackie Hamby
Kathie Allie
Phil and Cheryl Carlson
Chris and Jeannie Carpenter and Tim Carpenter
Dave and Ann Socher
Debra and R.E. Wacker

Silver Level

Glen and Diane Baker
Woodward Charitable Trust
Art and Mel Johnson
Rick Fung and Betty Rabin-Fung
Diane Spurney
Nancy Turner
David and Chris Tanner
Lisa Kalmbach
Chris Ciccone
Tom and Nancy Reichenbach
Joe and Leslie Peyton
Kasey Plouff
Meghan Caldera
CJ3 Realty

Bronze Level

Sara Veldkamp
Kelly and Bobbi Welton
Dennis and Joy Williamson
Yolanda Conklin
Lee and Carolyn Lodes
Sharon Shafer
Dale and Barbara Terrell
Sharon Rathbun
Sheila Babic
Michael and Kristine Huber
Dan and Jennifer Lopez
Cindy Anderson
A List Travel
Harry and Julie Bogosian
Roy and Jan Ladd
Susan Lichten
Jon and Deanna Kean
The Gift Productions
Dean and Sandra Smith
Jill Broline
John and Paula Hoffman
Rich and Nancy Moeder
United Staffing Services
Tracy Klehn
Diann Diangelous
Robin Stewart
Barbara Cochran

Copper Level

Jack and Barbara Garrett
Jim and Eleanor Hull
Megan Bean
Patrick Daems
Patrice and Kenneth Rifkind
Cheryl Dellepiane

Media Sponors