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Philanthropic Programs

What has been done in the last three years in the world of Philanthropic Programs you might ask? Well, let me tell you.

  • All paperwork is signed, dated and done till 2031. • All our Program Selection Reports (PSR) are aligned with National’s.
  • We saw a pilot program become a program. Fostering Success became our latest program. • We evaluated our programs. Arts Grants was one that wasn’t measuring up, so we decided to terminate it.
  • We saw the height of our programs running full force to a complete drop off.

Each of our programs was affected by COVID.
Melanie Cotterell was gearing up as the new Operation School Bell Chair, ready to provide children with new school clothing for the school year. Melanie deserves kudos for being proactive and staying in contact with the schools and putting a referral system into place. OSB clothed 46 children.
Betti Sternberg and Carole Tisserat were busy with icare for kids referrals with eye exams and glasses. icare for kids had 76 students that received eye exams and glasses.
Judy Plouff with Fostering Success, provided 12 students with eye exams and glasses, had a successful event with the Cold Weather Road Show and provided hygiene kits.
Maureen Wilksen and her Teddy Bear Patrol team provided 109 bears to fire stations and agencies.
Anne Ritchie who does a marvelous job with Family Ties, is in contact with the Santa Clarita Acute Care Center. Hopefully soon, they will open up.
Bobbi Welton who does Loaves of Love is also waiting for word to start again. Hopefully, very soon, we will be able to start baking again!
Mamie Kosaka tried her best to practice over Zoom with UkeALadies, but my understanding was that somethings you just can’t do on Zoom. On the upswing, Atria Senior Center asked for the UkeALadies to perform!

I have had the pleasure of working with such wonderful and dedicated women. Thank you for all your hard work Melanie, Betti, Carol, Judy, Maureen, Anne, Bobbi and Mamie. And in parting….you might ask me what was the hardest part about Philanthropic Programs? I have to say, I have spent the last three years with one program that seems to have an array of spellings. I have said the spelling until I’m blue in the face. That program is icare for kids. All lower case, no spaces for icare, icare one word, no it’s not the number four, it’s three separate words! There is one person that I have complete faith that can take of this. I welcome Jan Ladd as the new Philanthropic Programs Chair. I know she will be instrumental getting our programs back running better than ever and take care of the spelling of icare for kids once and for all! Good luck Jan and welcome!

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Nikki Laing